New Mexico provides a few key advantages for headquarters, support, and customer service operations. The state offers a robust pipeline of talent, often times bi-lingual, a climate that offers a low-risk of operational downtime, and a low-cost business environment.

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New Mexico’s mild year-round climate means that severe weather events, or even catastrophic events such as earthquakes and hurricanes, won’t impact operational uptime.

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Cheaper than high-cost locations

New Mexico provides HQ, support, and sales operations the opportunity to create ongoing savings of 20-30% by transitioning roles from high-cost locations.



New Mexico has a centuries-old legacy of diversity and continues that legacy by being 1 of only 5 other majority-minority states.

Customer Service Operations

New Mexico provides a stable and cost-effective environment for customer service operations. Labor is key to the customer service industry, and New Mexico has plenty of it. The state has a strong talent pool and high interest levels in the industry, but without high levels of saturation. This has resulted in stable wages with low competition for talent. Some of these labor sources include the underemployed, retired military, trailing spouses of active duty military, and large college/university populations. In addition, a large portion of our labor pool is bi-lingual, specifically native Spanish speakers. In fact, New Mexico is 1 of only 5 majority-minority states and nearly 28% of the population speaks Spanish.

New Mexico also gives companies in the industry the opportunity to create ongoing savings. A low cost of living has helped keep average wages for key occupational sectors like accounting, finance, shared services and support significantly lower than other states in the same region. In fact, New Mexico is 20-30% lower cost than high-cost locations.

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Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2018 estimates

A mild climate year-round means that severe weather doesn’t impact operations. Additionally, the state lacks catastrophic events such as hurricanes and earthquakes. On top of all this, New Mexico’s mountain standard time zone location means ensures that it is easy to maintain a strong work-day overlap with any other time zone in the U.S., Canada, or Mexico.


New Mexico provides a unique opportunity for companies looking to locate headquarter operations near day-to-day operations in the region. The state provides a low-cost operating environment with affordable real estate and a stable employment cost structure, often times below the national average. This low cost of living and affordable real estate, in addition to a high quality of life, gives companies the ability to attract talent nationally. Attracting high-quality talent, such as executive level employees, is something New Mexico has been doing for decades.

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