A Place Like No Other

New Mexico’s favorable quality of life dynamics confer real and tangible benefits on employers in the state; helping to maximize productivity, minimize cost, and enhance workforce stability.

To learn more about what has attracted tourists to New Mexico for centuries, visit the New Mexico Tourism Department.

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From the beauty of southern New Mexico’s deserts to some of the country’s finest ski slopes, New Mexico offers a myriad of activities. And New Mexico’s weather is as varied as its landscape. Our elevation provides for four distinct seasons throughout the state. Most parts of the state enjoy a very moderate climate and low precipitation.

New Mexico is home to 35 state parks, three national parks and ten national monuments. The diverse landscape and climate make the state a world class destination for a multitude of outdoor activities year-round. From skiing some of the country’s finest ski slopes to rock climbing and mountain biking, fishing and whitewater rafting if it’s an outside activity, New Mexico has it.


Few places on earth offer the rich history and cultural diversity found in New Mexico. New Mexico is 1 of only 5 majority-minority states and is home to 22 Native American tribes. The state’s rich history continues to be celebrated today in museums, cultural events like the Gathering of Nations, arts and crafts markets, language, and our unique architecture.


New Mexico’s food is as diverse and unique as our culture. New Mexican food is a blend of flavors from Spanish and Native American cultures and at the center of it all is the chile, whether it be green, red, or both. New Mexico is the number 1 producer of chile in the U.S., so to say it’s an important part of the food culture here is an understatement.