New Mexico’s quickly growing bioscience ecosystem is outpacing the nation in industry growth. New Mexico has become a standout choice for companies in the industry considering a location for their next facility, whether it be for research and development, manufacturing, or both.

What's New in New Mexico

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Bioscience companies throughout New Mexico

There are over 780 bioscience companies located throughout New Mexico, including companies like Curia and NTxBio.

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Total Employment
Growth from 2018 - 2021

New Mexico’s bioscience industry experienced a 15.8% total employment growth from 2018 to 2021, outpacing the national employment growth of 11%.

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in bioscience related R&D performed in 2020

New Mexico’s research universities throughout the state performed over $193M of related R&D in 2020, equaling just over 50% of the total academic R&D expenditures for the year.

Five Subindustries That Make up Bioscience in New Mexico

Agricultural Feedstock and Chemicals

Biotech Related Distribution

Medications and Pharmaceuticals

Medical Devices and Equipment

Research, Bioinformatics, Testing and Medical Laboratories


New Mexico has created a pool of both experienced and newly graduating STEM talent that is essential for the industry. This talent comes in the form of newly graduated talent from our research universities throughout the state, and experienced talent from the R&D companies already finding success, like the two national Department of Energy Labs (Sandia and Los Alamos) or the Airforce Research Lab.

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The University of New Mexico (UNM) is a leading university in funded, cutting-edge research, including bioscience. Since 2004, over 60 new start-up companies have spun out of the University of New Mexico Health Science Center and Bioscience Research funding has increased from less than $90M to $212M in 2021.


New Mexico State University (NMSU) has R&D concentrations in several disciplines including biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics, and medical and health sciences, amongst others. The university has planned new biomedical facilities under construction to support the university’s research work with disease emergence, emerging infectious diseases, and cancer and health disparities in underserved populations.

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New Mexico Tech (NMT) serves as a center for R&D and has more than a dozen research divisions that work with private industry, government agencies, and other universities to contribute to cutting-edge research. NMT’s Biology Department offers access to research projects in molecular and cell biology, microbiology, ecology, and physiology.

R&D Resources

New Mexico’s history as a center for research and development has helped to foster and support the growing bioscience industry in the state. Companies in New Mexico have unparalleled access to R&D resources like Sandia and Los Alamos national labs or the Airforce Research Lab. Many of the bio startups that have found success in the state have spun off from one of these research organizations. These organizations also contribute greatly to the over 250 bioscience patents filed every year in New Mexico. In fact, New Mexico is 7th in the nation for bioscience patents per capita. 

3 National Labs in New Mexico
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New Mexico's Bioscience Assets

Bioscience Companies in New Mexico

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