UbiQD – Your Windows Will Power Your Home

UbiQD is a nanotechnology development company, based in Los Alamos, that manufactures low-hazard quantum dots and nanocomposites. It was founded here in 2014 with technology from Los Alamos National Laboratory. While the company’s primary focus is in enabling windows to generate electricity, UbiQD also currently sells its materials for R&D purposes and provides materials technology development services.

In 2017, UbiQD received $350,000 in early-stage funding from technology pioneer Peter Thiel’s fund, Breakout Labs.

Materials & technology illustrationIn November 2017, UbiQD announced it will create 20 new jobs and will invest $1 million to expand its headquarters and manufacturing facility in Los Alamos.

“Thanks to the close proximity of premiere research institutions, high quality of living, and potent state business incentives, New Mexico is a prime location for technology startups like ours,” said Hunter McDaniel, CEO of UbiQD. “The support of the State and County have been crucial in accelerating product development and expanding our operations.”

New Mexico will provide $125,000 to UbiQD for their expansions through LEDA. UbiQD has also utilized the Job Training Incentive Program (JTIP) to expand their workforce. The New Mexico Economic Development Department has previously awarded $202,594 to UbiQD to support employee training for 11 jobs.