Startup SpinLaunch Completes First Test Flight with Wild Rocket-Flinging Launch System

Photo Credit: Spinlaunch Via

November 10th, 2022 – A new type of rocket-launching system just got off the ground.

The California-based company SpinLaunch performed the test flight of its novel kinetic-energy-based launch system in New Mexico on Oct. 22, reaching an altitude of “tens of thousands of feet,” CEO Jonathan Yaney told CNBC, which first reported the successful launch test. You can see footage of the flight here.

The company has received more than $110 million in venture capital for its system, which spins up a small rocket to hypersonic speed on the ground. Once released, the final design calls for the rocket to shoot up in the air, and only turning on more conventional chemical propulsion when it’s well on its way to orbit.