Sandia Introduces Free Rapid Technology Deployment Program

By Troy Rummler, Sandia National Laboratories

Randy Montoya | Albuquerque Journal

April 14, 2020 – Sandia National Laboratories has announced a new, fast-track licensing program to rapidly deploy technology to a marketplace reeling from the effects of COVID-19.

The move is designed to support businesses facing widespread, often technical challenges resulting from the pandemic.

“In light of the national emergency, we’re making technology transfer as simple as possible,” said Mary Monson, Sandia’s senior manager of technology partnerships and business development. “The Rapid Technology Deployment Program is an effort to streamline deployment of potential solutions to our partners in industry.”

Under the new program, more than 1,000 Sandia-patented technologies are temporarily eligible for any U.S. person to use commercially for free. People can visit Sandia’s Rapid Technology Deployment Program page to apply for free licenses valid through Dec. 31.

The fast-track licenses are non-exclusive, meaning more than one person can hold a license to use the same technology. The website contains information on which patents are available to license, as well as information about patents formerly held by Sandia that now are in the public domain and do not require a license to use.