Ruidoso Tourism Growth Puts Village On Pace for Record Year

By Pamela L. Bonner, Ruidoso News

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January 28, 2020 – Staff from the Village of Ruidoso’s department of tourism plan to attend “The Hospitality and Tourism Trends & Annual Meeting,” Feb. 3 and 4, to discuss tourism across the state.

The conference serves as an introduction to the New Mexico legislative session and agenda.

Justin Huffmon, director of tourism for the Village of Ruidoso, and executive director of the Ruidoso Midtown Association Matt Ingram will make their way to Santa Fe next month to participate in the conference and meet with representatives and senators from across New Mexico.

“We are currently on track to have a record setting year again in Fiscal Year of 2020. Our numbers through the end of November (the first five months of the fiscal year) have us at 75 percent to our annual budget. I fully anticipate us hitting $2 million in our lodgers tax collections,” said Huffmon.

Huffmon credited the leadership of City Manager Tim Dodge and Mayor Lynn Crawford and village departments for the growth.

“It is a huge deal for the area. We see people from all over the southeast. We will see what is happening with our local tourism industry and work to increase those numbers,” he said.

Huffmon’s expectations

Funds requested are met
How funds are utilized
Co-opt programs
Where change needs to occur, and how
Over goals for N.M. tourism

Attendance of the Ruidoso Midtown Association (RMA) at the conference allows it to showcase its organizational success. RMA is an association which seeks new resources and relationships that leverage economic development for Ruidoso, said Ingram.

“Working with our local community partners in Santa Fe reinforces Ruidoso’s comprehensive concerns for economic growth,” said Ingram.

The Midtown Association physical improvement projects are

Eagle Drive cleanup project
Midtown commons plaza
Midtown mural project
Public restroom remodel project
Main-street digital kiosk project
The organization leveraged private and public funds to complete four physical projects last year.

The RMA worked in conjunction with the Ruidoso Tourism Department which implemented a digital kiosk project in community, with over 33,000 users utilized the new digital promotional platform over three months.

Ruidoso’s focus on economic development created opportunities to improve design, promotions and sustainable growth for the MainStreet district, Huffmon and Ingram said.