New Mexico Manufacturer Makes $100,000 Pitch at Ocean Exchange

New Mexico Manufacturer Makes $100,000 Pitch at Ocean Exchange
Pajarito Powder makes cutting-edge fuel cell catalyst materials enabling fuel cell vehicles

Albuquerque, New Mexico, Sept. 26, 2018 – New Mexico manufacturing company Pajarito Powder has been named a finalist for the Ocean Exchange prize, a $100,000 award devoted to companies that are working to improve the sustainability of the world’s oceans.

Pajarito Powder has been manufacturing fuel cell catalysts in New Mexico since 2012 and was recently named one of the state’s fastest-growing companies. The company exports 95% of its manufactured products, and works with nearly every major automotive manufacturer that has a fuel cell program, worldwide. In its manufacturing facility in Albuquerque, the company has had to create signs in Japanese, Korean, Chinese and German (as well as English) to accommodate the international customers that tour the facility.

“New Mexico is a great place to work on big challenges like this. We’re able to source the talent, the funding and the support we need,” said Dr. Barr Zulevi, CTO and President of Pajarito Powder. “Our manufacturing site has been growing and we’re now producing kilograms of product and exporting it to countries on five continents and selling it to US companies that are working on fuel cells for vehicles and other applications.”

Simply put, the catalysts that make electricity in a fuel cell are very expensive. They require platinum, carbon, and other materials that corrode over time. Pajarito has designed new materials that are less expensive, with improved performance, and which resist corrosion.

Fuel cells are used to power everything from satellites to cars. Powered by hydrogen and air, their only emission is clean water.  Major new markets include indoor forklift operations, for example, where workers can’t be exposed to pollution.

Pajarito Powder’s technology came out of a licensing agreement with the University of New Mexico and further technology has been developed by researchers at two of New Mexico’s federal research laboratories, Sandia National Laboratories and Los Alamos National Laboratory.

“We are very excited about presenting at Ocean Exchange in front of an international audience,” said Webb Johnson, Senior Director of Business Development. “It is a profound honor for Pajarito Powder to be selected as a finalist, the team has worked very hard to develop technology that will increase the use of clean fuel cell technology, and that can have a big impact on both land and sea.”

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“New Mexico is a great home for high-tech and value-added manufacturers. Our labor, business climate and tax policies have made New Mexico very competitive and growing companies like Pajarito Powder are showing that,” said Tim Nitti, CEO of the New Mexico Partnership.

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