New Mexico: Rooted in Agriculture

Stampede Meat is hiring nearly 1,300 and is investing more than $36 million into a new facility in Sunland Park, New Mexico. Photo Credit: The Provisioner

Rich Global Hemp has moved its HQ from Nevada to a 750,000 sq. ft. greenhouse facility in Mesilla, New Mexico and is hiring 180. Photo Credit: Rich Global Hemp










Why are leading companies like Stampede Meat and Rich Global Hemp choosing New Mexico for their next major expansion?

Because they know New Mexico is an agribusiness powerhouse and is the ideal location to start, grow, or expand your value-added agriculture or food production business.


  • Agricultural industries thrive here because of vast open spaces – it’s the 5th largest state in the U.S. – and a climate that supports diverse types of crop and livestock production. The state is the 2nd highest producing state of both Pecans and Chile Peppers in 2018.


  • New Mexico has an expert workforce; our rich history in manufacturing and food processing has created a large and highly skilled supply of experienced talent.


  • New Mexico’s location in the mountain region and world-class transportation infrastructure – including 3 major interstates, rail served by both BNSF and UP, and more than 60 airports throughout the state – provides access to massive consumer markets nationally and internationally.


  • New Mexico has a favorable business environment and the state presents a prime opportunity for the manufacturing, packaging, and distribution of food products. Due to lack of intense competition and low costs of living, it can cost 25% to 30% less to produce your products in New Mexico than in the many high-cost locations throughout the western U.S.