New Mexico Partnership Unveils New Website Features to Showcase Available Commercial Land and Property

December 5th, 2019 – The New Mexico Partnership in conjunction with the State Economic Development Department has launched two new pages on its website that bring together commercial properties available for companies looking to grow or expand in New Mexico.

These web pages will help to promote properties and provide a consolidated space for potential buyers or tenants to preview availability in all 33 New Mexico counties.

“The new website will help out of town businesses and other clients not familiar with New Mexico to search our available property inventory and make decisions about purchasing. The idea was generated from the business community, so we responded,” said Cabinet Secretary Alicia J. Keyes of the Economic Development Department.

The website includes two separate pages, one with available properties and other with featured properties. The Available Properties page provides access to the LoopNet commercial real estate database. It is a feed of all of the commercially listed properties throughout New Mexico. This is a resource that has usually been provided by an organization within the state and is an important resource to continue to have publicly available.

The Featured Properties page is a new tool being made available for partners within the state to showcase properties available in their communities. The page will highlight properties that are submitted directly to the New Mexico Partnership team via a Featured Properties Form, which is also available on the website. This provides communities with a way to market properties, whether or not they are represented by a broker, or to feature properties that are in a prime spot in the market.

“New Mexico provides a compelling value proposition to companies because of factors such as high-quality talent, robust infrastructure, world-class R&D institutions, a pro-business environment, and an affordable cost structure,” said Tim Nitti, President and CEO of the New Mexico Partnership. “It’s important that we also highlight the availability of strong real estate and facility options; these new tools ensure that we can do that.”

The New Mexico Partnership is working hard to raise awareness about this new opportunity. “In order for the sites to be successful, local communities, and private property owners will have to participate by posting available properties and letting site selectors know what is available,” Keyes said. “We need everyone’s help to contribute and get the word out.”