New Mexico Narratives: May

New Mexico’s long history of agriculture and food production continues to pay off, with the state supporting the industries growth. New Mexico is also continuing to support the growing aerospace, manufacturing, technology, and film industries throughout the state. This support includes everything from funding on the job training opportunities for businesses within the state to creating infrastructure for a new industrial park. Below are a few story ideas we want to share with you.


New Mexico Narratives 

  • Steel manufacturer, Alstate Steel is expanding their presence in New Mexico. This expansion will help the company continue to provide materials to a wide range of industries with customers such as Netflix, Sandia National Labs, Amazon and more. New Mexico will be supporting this expansion using the Local Economic Development Act (LEDA) incentive program. LEDA Helps Family-Owned Steel Manufacturer Remain in Albuquerque and Expand


  • In this month’s New Mexico Partnership Minute: Coming off the back of the NextGen Food and Beverage Conference, Jonathen Lee, the Director of Marketing for the New Mexico Partnership, shares some insights about New Mexico’s flourishing food production industry. New Mexico Partnership Minute: Episode 3


  • New Mexico aims to help support rural communities around the state. In one such example the state is working closely with McKinley County to help fund the extension of utilities to a new shovel-ready industrial park. Rural Infrastructure Grant Awarded to McKinley County


Our team is ready set up interviews with State of New Mexico Economic Development Department Cabinet Secretary, Alicia J. Keyes, and Melinda Allen, President and CEO of the New Mexico Partnership.  Contact us here: 505-898-8689


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