New Mexico Company Cinnafilm Announces Partnership with Technicolor

By Kevin Robinson-Avila, Albuquerque Journal

Cinnafilm, Inc.

September 25, 2019 – Troves of 20th century films could soon display a burst of 21st century color and clarity through cutting-edge software developed by Albuquerque-based Cinnafilm Inc., plus a new partnership it forged with industry giant Technicolor.

Cinnafilm’s new Xenon software provides a fully automated system to upgrade existing films from the original Standard Dynamic Range imaging used to create them into today’s High Dynamic Range picture quality that’s now sweeping the industry.

Most studios today are incorporating HDR into all filming and live video streams because it offers a much broader range of contrast and color, making images far more vivid and life-like. Many new TVs now are generally equipped with HDR reception.

But existing video originally filmed in SDR must still be converted to HDR technology to display enhanced picture quality. Cinnafilm’s new Xenon software provides a cost-effective way to do that for producers and streaming video services, said Cinnafilm President and CEO Lance Maurer.

The company’s latest HDR conversion software keeps Cinnafilm on the cutting edge in video-imaging technology as the industry continues to evolve, Maurer said.

“It’s another big step forward for our company in providing next-generation imaging tools,” Maurer said. “HDR is the next big wave, and Xenon is the next big step for us.”

Cinnafilm currently employs 20 people, most of them at a 2,000-square-foot office Downtown.