Kairos Power Begins Construction at Mesa del Sol, Hiring Underway

By   –  Technology reporter , Albuquerque Business First

January 27th, 2021 – California nuclear energy company Kairos Power plans to hire dozens of employees this year for an expansion at the Mesa del Sol development in southern Albuquerque. The growth is part of a previously announced expansion that has accelerated in recent months.

But the expansion may be even bigger than previously thought.

In December, Albuquerque’s Development Review Board approved plans for a 40,000-square-foot addition which would be used for manufacturing. Project plans originally called for about 128,000 square feet of space, according to an official notification of decision signed by Jolene Wolfley, the chair of the DRB. Construction began last fall, said Kairos Site Director John Muratore.

Kairos Power’s will generate electricity using a steam cycle to convert heat from fission — which is what occurs when the nucleus of an atom is split into two or more smaller parts. But instead of using water, the reactor uses molten fluoride salt as a coolant. The company’s Albuquerque laboratory is designed to test its high-temperature salt technology, its website says.

“Albuquerque is really critical… we need a place to try out our designs,” Muratore said.
The company has hired 16 people for the Albuquerque project so far, and aims to hire about 30 more this year, said Human Resources Manager Michelle Fraumeni. Positions in the fields of engineering, procurement, health and safety, and information technology will be available, she said.