George R.R. Martin Joins New Mexico Art Installation Meow Wolf as Chief World Builder

By Adrian Gomez, Albuquerque Journal Arts and Entertainment Editor

Meow Wolf's almost-normal entrance only hints at the deep story told within the 20k square foot interactive art installation.

Eddie Moore/Albuquerque Journal

June 5, 2019 – It’s obvious that “Game of Thrones” author George R.R. Martin knows how to create a world. Now, he’s taking that storytelling talent to Meow Wolf.

Martin and the collective have paired up again – this time with Martin being named the chief world builder for Meow Wolf as it plans to expand its creative, interactive exhibition spaces into four new cities.

It’s part of the ambitious journey Meow Wolf CEO Vince Kadlubek envisions for the Meow Wolf universe. Kadlubek said there’s more in store, including a TV series and comic books.

“Our hope is that over the next 10 to 20 years, the company is spoken of in the same way as Disney, Marvel, Jim Henson,” Kadlubek said in a interview Sunday. “These are legends of storytelling and story universes. That’s our hope, and we are putting the intention out there.”

Martin has always been a key supporter of the Santa Fe-based art and entertainment collective, in 2015 pledging $2.7 million to buy and help transform a bowling alley in Santa Fe into the The House of Eternal Return, which now attracts thousands of visitors a day.

“We’re obviously quite grateful for the relationship with George,” Kadlubek said. “George has always showed an interest in what we’re doing creatively.”

Kadlubek always wanted to collaborate more with the well-known author, who also owns the Jean Cocteau Cinema in Santa Fe.

In his new role, Martin will use his storytelling skills to tie together the Meow Wolf multiverse, which over the next few years is expected to include projects in Las Vegas, Nevada; Denver; Washington, D.C.; and Phoenix – each with a different, immersive storytelling experience…