Explora Keeping Kids Engaged with Online Weekly Challenges

By Allison Keys, KQRE


April 8, 2020 – School has been canceled for the remainder of the school year due to coronavirus outbreak. However, there are still ways to get students involved in learning at home.

Crystal Gutierrez spoke with Explora‘s director of visitor experience, Tara Henderson and visitor services weekend manager, Lyric Ellison to discuss how they’re continuing to serve the community while still honoring the stay-at-home order.

At this time, Explora is closed due to the coronavirus outbreak however the museum is still providing STEAM learning opportunities virtually. Explora is posting fun family activities to their Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram social media pages.

Every Monday, Explora unveils a weekly challenge and this week they challenged families to create something with toilet paper tubes. Lyric shows off a ball run she made for the challenge.

While Lyric took an engineering approach to her design, she encourages families to get creative and artistic and to share their creations with Explora online.