Ergomotion and Tecma Announce Expansion into New Mexico

September 29th, Santa Teresa, NM – Two companies with operations outside of the United States, have selected New Mexico as the place for their newest manufacturing operations. Ergomotion, Inc., the world’s largest manufacturer of bedding bases and The Tecma Group of Companies, which provides shelter services for manufactures, have announced new facilities in Santa Teresa, New Mexico, adding more than 10 new jobs to the state.

Both Ergomotion, Inc. and The Tecma Group of Companies share a bi-national approach, and have operations in Juárez, Mexico and now Santa Teresa, New Mexico. The Santa Teresa International Border Region will provide the two companies with advantages such as quick access to national and international markets, and competitive training programs that complement their already established production facilities in Mexico.

“New Mexico has become key for many companies looking for ease of access to distribute products within the United States and to the rest of the world,” said Cabinet Secretary Alicia Keyes, New Mexico Economic Development Department. “This area, and New Mexico in general, offers unique logistical advantages for those looking to simplify their global supply chain.”

The New Mexico Economic Development Department will provide Tecma with a $100,000 grant from the state’s LEDA Job-Creation Fund to assist in the transition to open their facility in New Mexico.

“Not only has Blue Road Investments been excellent to deal with as a landlord, but the location of this facility near the Santa Teresa Port of Entry complements Tecma’s trucking and logistics facilities from Green Van Lines and will prove strategic to our cross-border clients,” said Alan Russell, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Tecma Group of Companies.

These announcements are possible because New Mexico is competitive,” says New Mexico Partnership CEO Melinda Allen. “Our training programs coupled with our location, and affordable, experienced workforce provides a high value for manufacturing and distribution operations. Those are a few of the reasons why companies like Ergomotion, Tecma, Rio Blue and Sierra Madre (announced earlier this year) are all establishing a presence in Santa Teresa..”

These announcements come as companies from around the world work to tackle the impacts of COVID-19 and find supply chain solutions in the United States.

About Ergomotion Inc.
A world renown enclave of holistic wellness, with a burgeoning tech coast culture, Ergomotion draws on its heritage by infusing smart tech into a curated collection of ergonomically designed, customized wellness solutions. With more than 7 million adjustable bases sold throughout 30+ countries, Ergomotion has grown to become the world’s largest supplier of adjustable bases, offering the ultimate preventative self-care by balancing body, mind and spirit.

About The Tecma Group of Companies
Tecma provides comprehensive information on the services to maintain low-cost and low-risk manufacturing operation in Mexico. As a leading provider of bundled services that are commonly referred to as “shelter services” for 35+ years. Shelter services allow you to focus on your core-manufacturing competencies, while we handle the intricacies of doing business in Mexico.




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