Drive-in Movie Theater Comes to Santa Fe Downs

BY: Kai Porter

Photo Credit: KOB4

August 11th, 2020 – A new drive-in movie theater at the Santa Fe Downs called “Motorama” will be open for business this week.

The custom-made screen is mounted to 16 shipping containers that rises 70 feet above the field. Up to 300 cars can be accommodated at the drive-in.

“The pandemic has kind of pushed us into a place where we have to be safely socially distanced. A drive in movie theater is perfect. You’re outside under the sky under the starts and you have a nice space. You can stay confined to that so it’s kind of a perfect thing to come back to life,” said Stephanie Ortega, event coordinator for Motorama.

Ortega said Motorama will have its grand opening Thursday with a showing of “The Terminator”.

A soft opening for the drive-in was held Sunday where Ortega said they had a great turnout.

“Lots of positive support. Lots of wonderful feedback. Families came they really enjoyed themselves. They set up their lawn chairs, and their blankets the kids enjoyed themselves. Everyone was really peaceful and happy to come together,” Ortega said.

Since COVID-19 hit, drive-in movie theaters have been making a comeback across the country. It’s a way for the community to come together and have fun while maintain social distancing.

Joe Dean, founder of Motorama, said a small local team put everything together quickly from selecting the venue to building the screen.

“Realistically, it was one year’s worth of work in three weeks is what it boiled down to. We didn’t sleep for weeks straight and the complications of the pandemic have made this enormously difficult,” Dean said.

Motorama will show movies Thursday through Sunday through November 1. They’re also teamed up with organizers of the Santa Fe Independent Film Festival to show films in October.

“I feel like this is a place to leave all that behind for a minute and to be in a place where it feels normal and it feels safe,” Dean said.

For more information about tickets, click here.