Bicycle Health Establishes Second Location in New Mexico

March 16th, 2021 – A company committed to helping patients lead fulfilling and opioid-free lives has opened a second location in Santa Fe, it’s first outside of the San Francisco Bay Area. Bicycle Health, provides an evidence-based, online treatment for opioid addiction. Their treatment—called Medication for Addiction Treatment (MAT)—has the lowest relapse rates and helps people stop using opioids with minimal physical discomfort.

Founded in 2017 by Ankit Gupta, Bicycle Health was designed to address the opioid addiction epidemic which is widespread and underdiagnosed. According to internal research, more than 10 million people in the United States misuse opioids each year.

Initially, Bicycle Health will base a team of five healthcare providers out of Santa Fe with plans to open an enrollment center of ten providers by the end of the year. Currently, Bicycle Health has 70 care providers working with patients in 20 states.

“What makes us unique is the fact that we provide our services via telemedicine, allowing patients to connect with us while they’re at home,” says Bicycle Health Founder and CEO Ankit Gupta. “It doesn’t matter whether they’re in an urban area or a rural area, they can actually connect with us and that connection is private. That also makes it very cost effective because our prices are some of the lowest in the country for this type of service and we’re constantly expanding our insurance coverage. We are now accepting Medicaid, Medicare and all commercial insurances in New Mexico, allowing more residents access to our services.”

“Congratulations to the New Mexico Partnership and its new executive director Melinda Allen for helping to bring Bicycle Health to Santa Fe, its first expansion outside of California. These innovative companies are the key to diversifying the economy and with higher-paying jobs and building a high-tech workforce.”

Santa Fe Mayor Alan Webber says “The opening of Bicycle Health here represents another important addition to the growing Santa Fe tech sector. Just as important, it’s a blessing for New Mexicans who are seeking to recover from opioid addiction.”

The healthcare tech-start-up will be based Regus office complex in Santa Fe with plans to expand by the end of the year. The company is another addition to the entrepreneurial community in Santa Fe.

Bicycle Health will partner with Santa Fe provider Dr. Julie Craig to make strong community connections. Addressing patient care through technology, coupled with building a local a team will attract and retain talent and build trust within vulnerable communities.

“We see a lot of companies, especially out of the California markets, that are looking for a second location where they can establish another home base,” says New Mexico Partnership CEO Melinda Allen. “These companies are looking for a place where they can continue to grow, where it’s cost effective for the company, but still get all of the great support, talent and community that they need to be successful. New Mexico offers all of those things and we are seeing that growing companies, like Bicycle Health, are establishing a second location to help attain organization goals.”

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