ABQ BioPark Offers Virtual Field Trips


Photo Credit: ABQ BioPark/CABQ

October 21st, 2020 – You can now bring the BioPark directly into your classroom or home. The ABQ BioPark is offering virtual field trips for students of all ages.

BioPark School and Youth Programs Coordinator Bethany Dunn discusses the programs and how you can access them from the classroom or home. The Discover the BioPark Virtual Field Trips focus on habitats, animal adaptations, and life science biological concepts.

The programs hosted at the zoo will be available Tuesday and Wednesday and the programs hosted at the Botanic Garden will be available on Thursday. Animal encounter programs are hosted on Fridays.

All programs are 30 minutes long and will take place over Zoom. They include education staff interations, inquiry-based learning, animal encounters, and interactions with students and families.

Teachers will receive pre and post material to go over in order to enhance the overall learning experience with students. Though the virtual field trips were designed for traditional classroom learning, they can be incorporated by a variety of groups that have an interest in learning more about environmental science such as scouts, youth groups, clubs, and more.

Programs are $50 each and can be done over one login if all participants are in the same space or multiple logins if participants are distance learning. Logins are limited to traditional classroom size and programs can be booked using HoldMyTicket.

For more information on the Virtual Field Trips or to book the programs, visit CABQ.gov.